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The format for Lifeology started with YouTube and has continued to offer life changing lessons for its subscribers. When you subscribe to this channel, or even visit this particular page, you will be able to access all of the YouTube episodes, at this time, for free. Many people don’t want to, or often don’t have the time, to see a therapist. Think of these episodes as your own concierge-type of therapy. Each episode is about 2-4 minutes and focuses on one particular lesson that can be implemented. James will help you reframe the situation and will give you practical ways in which these lessons can help simply and transform your spirit, mind, and body. Subscribe today!

Click on any of the Episode links below to watch. 

Episode 157: Reconnect – the first 2 minutes are critical

Episode 156: Encouragement: Don’t give up!

Episode 155: Conflict, the importance of a debrief

Episode 154: How mature are you?

Episode 153: In love with another’s potential

Episode 152: Change the channel

Episode 151: The gift of goodbye

Episode 150: Are my words and actions the same?

Episode 149: Trust your sensor

Episode 148: Ugly duckling

Episode 147: Self-encouragement

Episode 146: Real men don’t cry

Episode 145: On which side of the coin do you focus?

Episode 144: The gift of patience

Episode 143: Are you confident or conceited?

Episode 142: Taking things personally

Episode 141: Giving your opinion

Episode 140: Imaginary Arguments

Episode 139: What are you known for?

Episode 138: Are you friend or foe to yourself?

Episode 137: Are you problem or solution focused?

Episode 136: Does your past infect you?

Episode 135: I have too much baggage

Episode 134: Your environment does not define you

Episode 133: Focusing on yesterday

Episode 132: Are you pitiful or powerful?

Episode 131: I don’t have to worry about that now

Episode 130: Discipline vs Compromise

Episode 129: Gossiping

Episode 128: Filling in the blanks with your insecurities

Episode 127: Your past is an indication of your future

Episode 126: Last Year: Good or Bad?

Episode 125: Self-Blackmail

Episode 124: The right timing

Episode 123: How teachable are you?

Episode 122: Inspiring the people around you

Episode 121: Well-meaning people

Episode 120: Using adversity to your advantage

Episode 119: How high is my self-esteem?

Episode 118: Being overly sensitive

Episode 117: Conforming to other’s expectations

Episode 116: Overcoming the holiday blues

Episode 115: Morning mentality

Episode 114: Over drafting your energy account

Episode 113: It’s not you, it’s me

Episode 112: Influencing your environment

Episode 111: Managing other’s happiness

Episode 110: Power of words

Episode 109: You will flourish like a palm tree

Episode 108: Giving grace to others

Episode 107: Self-sabotage

Episode 106: Relationship accountability

Episode 105: Overcoming childhood wounds

Episode 104: If they left you, let them go

Episode 103: A different side of anger

Episode 102: If you have nothing nice to say…

Episode 101: You are not damaged goods

Episode 100: Pushing buttons

Episode 99: Today could be the day!

Episode 98: Too many details

Episode 97: Taking responsibility

Episode 96: Wasted mental space

Episode 95: A restoration mentality

Episode 94: Self-compassion

Episode 93: Global Labeling

Episode 92: Crisis

Episode 91: Sinking ship

Episode 90: 24 hour reset

Episode 89: Glass is half full

Episode 88: Scales

Episode 87: Comparing yourself to others

Episode 86: Know peace or no peace?

Episode 85: Procrastination

Episode 84: Worry

Episode 83: I’m so bored

Episode 82: Patience

Episode 81: Trouble is inevitable

Episode 80: I want it so badly

Episode 79: Temptations

Episode 78: Listen to what your friends are saying…

Episode 77: I’m right

Episode 76: Adult toddlers

Episode 75: Which language am I speaking?

Episode 74: I can’t stand that person

Episode 73: What’s my end game?

Episode 72: Yesteryears

Episode 71: Need to know basis

Episode 70: Emotional compartments

Episode 69: Run!

Episode 68: Remembering the good things

Episode 67: Belittling people

Episode 66: Don’t give away your joy

Episode 65: I can’t

Episode 64: Expecting the worst

Episode 63: How good are you?

Episode 62: Letting go

Episode 61: Divine appointments

Episode 60: Expect people to talk about you

Episode 59: Opinions

Episode 58: What’s the point?

Episode 57: What will you deposit?

Episode 56: What are you advertising?

Episode 55: Comparing yourself to others

Episode 54: Are you insane?

Episode 53: Perspective

Episode 52: Celebrated or tolerated?

Episode 51: I am…

Episode 50: Walk away

Episode 49: Wasting time

Episode 48: The coming dawn

Episode 47: Self-made people

Episode 46: Fog of emotion

Episode 45: Perfect TIming

Episode 44: Filling in the blanks

Episode 43: Worst-case scenario

Episode 42: Self-Affirmation

Episode 41: What’s my motivation?

Episode 40: Closed Doors

Episode 39: Circle of friends

Episode 38: Living with ideal expectations

Episode 37: Just because I can

Episode 36: The best response

Episode 35: I need…

Episode 34: Memorializing an event

Episode 33: Living in mediocrity

Episode 32: What are you planting?

Episode 31: I’ll be happy when…

Episode 30: Faith versus Fear

Episode 29: Seasons of change

Episode 28: Who am I?

Episode 27: But, I need closure

Episode 26: Self-Soothing Behaviors.

Episode 25: Emotional Forecasting

Episode 24: But, I was just trying to help

Episode 23: You are more intelligent than you think

Episode 22: It doesn’t make sense

Episode 21: How do you live your life?

Episode 20: How to set boundaries

Episode 19: Decisions, Decisions

Episode 18: Can I trust myself?

Episode 17: And then what…?

Episode 16: Why can’t I fall asleep?

Episode 15: Late night snacking

Episode 14: Crash and Burn!

Episode 13: I versus You

Episode 12: What am I learning?

Episode 11: No one can reject you

Episode 10: 2 Steps for effective communication

Episode 9: Clean your house

Episode 8: The 4 Categories of People

Episode 7: How to stop looping thoughts

Episode 6: The Three Second Rule

Episode 5: Anger Payoffs

Episode 4: Transitions

Episode 3: What’s my role?

Episode 2: Thinking Errors

Episode 1: Perceptions, Thoughts, Emotions, Actions

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