Lifeology Introduction


Hi, welcome to James Miller Lifeology where you will learn how to simply and transform your life.

In this channel you will understand the subtle shifts in your mind, body and spirit that cause you to react the way we do. We will understand how everything we say and do is linked. Living a life that is balanced does not mean everything is perfect but simply a life that is proactive and not reactive. For example, look at how you are sitting as you watch this video. Why did you choose to sit that way? Probably because its comfortable and you usually sit that way. This is an example of how we do things all the time because it is familiar to us. It can be from something comfortable to something that has a negative impact in our life. The way we react when someone cuts us off in traffic. The way we react when our coworkers is disrespectful. We have trained ourselves to live a way that is reactive based and not always proactive.

These are some examples of the topics we are going to discuss in this channel:

• Linkage between thoughts, feelings actions
• Reactivity
• Overreaction
• How to use your 5 senses to pull you out of anxious thoughts
• How to use your inner voice to help you when you are overly
stimulated by your 5 senses
• Why your brain remembers negative events more than positive
• Why we have conflict in general in conversations
• Why do loud noises make people angry?
• Why do we eat so much at night?
• Why do we continually fail when we try to live a healthier lifestyle
• How to live a life that is equally proportional to your Spirit, Mind
and Body
• How to transition from one thing to another effectively
• How do each of my 5 senses influence me on a daily basis
• How can music help me physiologically

And many, many more topics.

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