Accept diversity | Jason Dowd

When you accept diversity in others you grow and develop. We are all different in some way. We often use global labeling, a form of stereotyping, and think that one person who has “wronged” us is the representative of that particular group. This can happen via religion, sexuality, gender, race, age, nationality, and in many other ways. In thinking that someone who is different than you is wrong or is Learn more…

Thinking Errors

Throughout our day, we often have many reactive, negative interactions. In Psychology, we are taught our perception (thought) determines our emotions, and our emotions determine how we react. If we have negative thoughts, we then experience negative emotions that cause us to be reactive and go into a defensive mode. There are fifteen common thinking errors we often use as a template to distort our thoughts during an interaction. Any Learn more…

Determination from James’ latest album “Restoration”

James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Music You may purchase James’ latest album, Restoration at: iTunes Google Play Amazon Music Amazon CD on demand James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® – Music #piano #classical #relaxation #peace #lifeology

L #131 – I don’t have to worry about that now

We often struggle with staying present in the moment. Learning how to filter your thoughts and decisions through this key phrase: “Do I have to do that now?” Will help you focus on what is in front of you in your present and not worry about tomorrow. #worry #anxiety #peace

Leveling Up | KC Armstrong

KC Armstrong, a former cast member of the Howard Stern show, shares his story of how he leveled up and made a 180-turn and is now dedicated to celebrating the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. #KCArmstrong #HowardStern #inspiration #motivation #inspirational #wmapradio #personalgrowth

Transformational change | Dr. David James

Your transformational change starts today! We all remember the old commercial that says “Your mind is a terrible thing to waste, ” but did you realize there it is much more powerful than you think? Many of us don’t use our thoughts and willpower to overcome the struggles that we encounter each day. When you recognize how much more powerful you are, you will live a life of unstoppable success. Learn more…

Reconnect in the first 2 minutes for success

How you initially interact when you reconnect with someone determines your success. The first two minutes are crucial when you reconnect or start an event. Research states that the ability to reconnect or join with another person in the first two minutes will help you experience more success. Take that time to reconnect.   #success #youtube #lifeology #radio #reconnect #transitions #entrepreneur #business #communication #relationships #marriages #friendships

L #38 – Living with Ideal Expectations

In all situations we have expectations whether spoken or unspoken. Identifying what your realistic expectations are before a new situation will help you be proactive in your response. When you live with ideal expectations you will always be disappointed.  

You Are What You Eat | Elizabeth Yarnell

Naturopath, Elizabeth Yarnell @ElizabethYarnell discusses how foods cause inflammation in your body. She reminds you that you are what you eat. #food #nutrition #health #wellness

L #87 – Comparing yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others is a setup for failure. You will always find yourself lacking because your life was specifically designed for you. Go to and you can take the courses I have created through my LIFEOLOGY® Academy. Your life will be transformed.

Raising your consciousness | Vince Kramer

Life Coach, Vince Kramer helps you find happiness and success in living life by your design. His extensive research will help you produce breakthrough results to raise your level of consciousness. #awareness change #consciousness #motivation #perspective

L #31 – I’ll be happy when…

The concept of happiness is often in the future. We often think we will be happy when something changes in our life. Happiness is a choice we make right in the present, not the future.

L #69 – Run

We all have a sense of what is right and wrong for our lives. However there are many times when we are blindsided by something and we know it’s not a healthy environment for us. As the old adage states if you play with fire you will get burned. Run!

LIFEOLOGY® Episode 169: Reset your Day

We’ve all said this is the worst day ever when it fact it was only bad for a few minutes. When you learn how to reset your day you find they are much more productive. #thoughts #inspiration #mindset #life #motivation #love #success #quotes #motivationalquotes #wordsofwisdom #goals #lifestyle #positivity #inspire #positivevibes #instagood #loveyourself #happy #portrait_vision #happiness #mindshift #selfdevelopment #mentalhealth #lifecoaching #forwardthinking #JamesMillerLIFEOLOGY®

L #75 – Which language am I speaking?

We all express love in different ways. Sometimes our version of love is different than our significant other’s version. There are 5 versions of love: Acts of Service, Gifts, Words of Affirmation, Quality time, and Physical Touch. Which language do you speak?  

New opportunities | Gary Sirak

Today may be the day that new opportunities present themselves to you. Each day brings new highs and lows. Often we expect life to always be the same, or sometimes expect bad things to happen. When you daily look for new opportunities you will find them. The goal for each situation you are in is to look for a blessing, a word of encouragement, or a serendipitous opportunity that will Learn more…

Eating your feelings | Nicole Romanella-O’Neal

Address your emotions, instead of eating your feelings As children we learn how to self-sooth in order to relieve ourselves from negative emotions. All self-soothing behaviors stem from our five senses. Our sense of taste was one of the primary ways we were able to soothe. As an adult we revert back to the physical behavior of self soothing by putting something in our mouth. When we can’t control our Learn more…

Be the change agent | Ron Carucci

Do you know how to be an effective change agent? Did you know that you are going to grow and develop whether you want to or not? Life is always changing. You can either be proactive and become who you want to be or let circumstances change you. Learn how to be an effective change agent in your life, relationships, and career. The choice is yours. Business expert and strategist, Learn more…

Do the right thing | Darlene Tipton

We all grow up knowing the difference between right and wrong. Unfortunately, we, sometimes, become lax in life and let things slip. Many of us go about our day and aren’t always aware of what happens around us or don’t bother interacting with other people. Did you know being altruistic has a physiological effect on your body? Darlene Tipton shares her and her husband’s story of how they created AmazingKarma. It’s a Learn more…

Instilling Trust in Others | David Horsager

David Horsager @DavidHorsager is The expert in trust. He teaches you ways to instill trust in others to effectively lead your company or organization. #davidhorsager #trustedleader #TheTrustedLeaderShow #trust #leadership #radicalrelevance #relevance #Trust #leadershipdevelopment #inspiration #leaders #motivation #inspirational #Davidhorsager #encouragement #servantleadership #helpingothers #compassion #JamesMillerLifeology #life #goals #mindset #success