L #55 – Comparing Yourself to Others

One of life’s self-sabotage pitfalls is to compare yourself to others. No one was created the same as you. You have been specifically designed to run your own race. When you compare yourself to others you will always find yourself lacking. You were given everything you need to fulfill your purpose. www.JamesMillerLifeology.com Download Now

L #119 – How high is my self esteem?

Our self esteem is the foundation of our lives that determines how high we go in life. Esteem is the value we place on ourselves regardless of how successful we are in certain areas of our life. Is your esteem consistent in all areas of your life? Visit JamesMillerLifeology.com to listen to the latest Lifeology Radio Episodes as well as enroll in the Lifeology Academy where you can take the self-directed Learn more…

L #90 – 24 Hour Reset

Every 24 hours is a reset for us to start our day with a blank slate. What you did yesterday is in the past. Starting your day with a new mindset allows you to let go of yesterday’s failures. Go to JamesMillerLifeology.com and take my two courses in my Academy that will help you be even more successful than you already are. Download Now

L #46 – Fog of Emotions

Life’s stressors can sometimes overwhelm us to where we are surrounded by a sea of fog. We struggle to focus on anything other than the emotion and aren’t able to find perspective. I just launched James Miller | Lifeology Academy where you can purchase my first course Spirit – Mind – Body: The Perfect Triad .  This class will teach you ways to live your life in a proactive way regardless Learn more…

L #96 – Wasted Mental Space

We often are not efficient when it comes to using our mental energy. We fantasize on the past or a hypothetical future. You are setting yourself up to be hurt. Focus on what is right in front of you, that’s what you can control. Go to JamesMillerLifeology.com to listen to my radio show, or to take the Lifeology Academy courses that will help you simplify and transform your life. Download Learn more…

L #134 – Your environment does not define you

James MIller | Lifeology YouTube Many times in our life we become discouraged because we look at our environment or circumstances and think we will never attain our goals or aspirations. Remember, your environment does not define you. You are simply passing through to the next phase of your amazing journey. Be sure to subscribe to this podcast as well as iTunes. Visit: JamesMillerLifeology.com Download Now

L #129 – Gossiping

Are you known for your gossiping? In every situation we have a chance to gossip about our peers. You have a choice are you like a bucket of water or a flamethrower? Do you douse the gossip or do you inflame it? Always ask yourself if what you are going to say makes you or the situation better or does it make it worse? Regardless if you like the person or Learn more…

L #131 – I don’t have to worry about that now

We often struggle with staying present in the moment. Learning how to filter your thoughts and decisions through this key phrase: “Do I have to do that now?” Will help you focus on what is in front of you in your present and not worry about tomorrow. . Visit www.JamesMillerLifeology.com where you will learn to simplify and transform your spirit, mind, and body. Download Now  

L #85 – Procrastination

Procrastination, we’ve all done it. Have you ever considered the short-term payoff vs the long-term reward? Procrastination only causes more anxiety and produces a poor product. You are better than that. Go to www.JamesMillerLifeology.com and you can take the courses I have created through my Lifeology Academy. Your life will be transformed. Download Now

L #110 – Power of Words

Words are simply air vibrating in one’s vocal cords. You determine if those words are applicable to you or not. Words only have power over you if you allow them to. Take control of your life and focus on what is true for you. Visit www.JamesMillerLifeology.com to listen to Lifeology Radio as well as the Lifeology Academy. Enroll in the classes there so simply and transform your life. Download Now

L #33 – Living in Mediocrity

Mediocrity is something we usually don’t want in our life. Unfortunately, it can creep in and becomes the norm in many areas of our life. Subscribe to this youtube channel for daily videos from James Miller | Lifeology. www.JamesMillerLifeology.com Download Now

L #98 – Too Many Details

Too many details can cause us to lose focus and fixate on things that ultimately do not matter. When you can create internal and external boundaries of what you will listen to it allows you to focus on what really matters. Go to www.JamesMillerLIfeology.com and subscribe to Lifeology Radio as well as enroll in the Lifeology Academy where you will simply and transform your life. Download Now

L #105 – Overcoming childhood wounds

We all have experienced events that wound and influence our lives. As an adult you have an opportunity to help heal that younger version of yourself. The childhood wounds from your past don’t have to affect you today. Listen to this episode for more details. Visit www.JamesMillerLifeology to subscribe to the radio show as well as enroll in the Lifeology Academy where you may take courses that will simply and Learn more…

L #78 – Listen to what your friends are saying…

We all know people who talk about others behind their backs. What about your friends do they do that to you? Pay attention to how your friends speak about other people. Do they uplift and speak positively about others? Or, do they spread gossip and speak negatively about them? This is a good indication of what they say about you. Surround yourself with those who are always uplifting and speaking Learn more…

L #89 – Glass half full?

Often we think that life has to be this or that, is the glass half full or half empty? The reality is, it’s always full of something, water or air. When you don’t think in black and white, all or nothing mentality, you will find that you have more choices than you originally thought. Go to JamesMillerLifeology.com and take my two courses in my Academy that will help you be Learn more…

L #111 – Managing Others’ Happiness

Managing another’s happiness is a full time job for some of us who willingly volunteer.  You cannot make someone be happy. Visit www.JamesMillerLifeology.com to listen and subscribe to James MIller | Lifeology Radio as well as enroll in the Lifeology | Academy courses. You will simply and transform your life. Download Now  

L #99 – Today could be the day

For some reason we have lost the joy of life. We don’t have an excitement like we did when we were kids. Who knows, today could be the day that all your dreams come true. Start today with expectancy. When you look for something you will find it. Today is your day! Go to www.JamesMillerLIfeology.com and subscribe to Lifeology | Radio as well as enroll in the Lifeology | Academy Learn more…

L #66 – Don’t give away your joy

Your joy is your responsibility. Don’t give it away. Everything we do in life is a choice. Do you realize that most of the time you willingly give away your joy? We can’t control our external circumstances, but we can control how we respond and the level of joy we feel. Choose wisely. Stay tuned to the end of this episode for a brief snapshot of the class Spirit, Mind, Learn more…

Lifeology: Episode 152 – Change the channel

Be mindful on what you focus. Change the channel. Just like the multiple channels you have on tv or on youtube, you consciously decide what you will watch. We often forget that we, too, have a choice to think about anything we want. The more conscious you are about what you think, the more successful your day is going to be. It’s up to you to immediately stop yourself from Learn more…

L #48 – The Coming Dawn

The day always resets at 12:01am. It’s the same way in our life. We may not see any overt changes happening but we are closer to the dawn than we think. A new day (figuratively) has started for you. You will get through this. Visit JamesMillerLifeology.com and sign up for James Miller | Lifeology Academy: Spirit – Mind – Body : The Perfect Triad. It will help you overcome life’s Learn more…

L #109 – You will flourish like a palm tree

You are specifically designed for the storms that come against you. The palm tree grows stronger when it is bent over. You can either be brittle and break or use the storm as an opportunity to grow and flourish. Visit www.JamesMillerLifeology.com to listen to the Lifeology Radio show as well as enroll in the Lifeology Academy where you can take self-directed courses to help you simply and transform your life. Learn more…

L #14 – Crash and Burn!

Why do people crash and burn? Watch and learn how to avoid this in your own life. If you liked my instrumental piece, “Temptation” from the first album, Consolation, you may purchase it here. Download Now  

Lifeology Introduction

  Download Now Hi, welcome to James Miller Lifeology where you will learn how to simply and transform your life. In this channel you will understand the subtle shifts in your mind, body and spirit that cause you to react the way we do. We will understand how everything we say and do is linked. Living a life that is balanced does not mean everything is perfect but simply a Learn more…

L #91 – Sinking Ship

If you were in a sinking ship what would you do to save your life? If we were in a life and death situation we would search for a solution. Why don’t we in “everyday” situations? Go to JamesMillerLifeology.com and check out the Lifeology Academy where you may take the self directed courses. They will change your life! Download Now

L #126 – Last year: Good or Bad?

Last year, good or bad? Often when we reflect on the previous year we globalize it as good or bad. If you only focus on the negative parts of your year you miss out on the growth and development that you experienced. Usually when people create new year’s resolutions they focus on their deficits and miss out on a wonderful opportunity to expand on the personal growth they experienced in the Learn more…

L #57 – What will you deposit?

What you deposit into your life is what you will withdraw. Is it healthy? Are you continually negative or have you surrounded yourself with negative people who bring you down all the time? What you deposit into your life is how your life will end up. Subscribe to this channel for daily episodes. www.JamesMillerLifeology.com Download Now

L #127: Your past is an indication of your future

Often we feel that our past negatively impacts our future. Did you realize that the depth of your past is an indication of the height of your future? The more a person struggles or has experienced something negative the more wisdom and insight they have to push beyond the barriers of their circumstances. As devastating as your past may seem, be encouraged, it is showing you the height of your Learn more…

L #41 – What’s my motivation?

It’s important to be aware of why we do certain things. We may engage in the same behavior but our reasoning behind it is different. When you are honest with yourself in why you are engaging in a behavior the more proactive your life will be. What’s your motivation?www.JamesMillerLifeology.com Download Now

L #1 – Perception, Thoughts, Emotions, Actions

Often we don’t realize how quickly these 4 things run together in such quick succession that we react in a way that, later, we don’t understand what “got into us.”  This video will give you insight into ways to be aware of how we perceive situations and how it affects us overall.Subscribe to this channel and learn how to simply and transform your life. Download Now

L #121 – Well-Meaning People

Well meaning people will give their opinions whether you ask for it or not. Sometimes those opinions can limit us from reaching our highest potential. Remember, the dream in your heart is yours alone. If an opinion makes you believe can’t achieve your goal, then the opinion is not for you. Well meaning people can cause you to settle and stop you from reaching your unlimited future. Visit JamesMillerLifeology.com to listen to the Learn more…