L #3 – What’s My Role?

Download Now This episode will create an awareness in you to only focus on the primary “role” you are playing for that particular situation. If you play too many roles then you will struggle to keep everything straight and will, without a doubt, engage in a thinking error. (See yesterday’s episode to refresh your memory on what a thinking error is.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwg_fQvTq5Y

L #144 – The gift of patience

Download Now Anytime you have a spike in your emotions you are more than likely not experiencing patience. We always have a chance to practice this virtue, but often we get lost in our perception and don’t realize that we are lacking in patience. Driving a car, it is easy to become agitated and frustrated when someone cuts us off. Or, if your children are not cleaning their room like Learn more…

L #51 – I am…

Download Now Whatever adjective or descriptor you use to fill in the blank is the direction you are moving towards. www.JamesMillerLifeology.com

L #81 – Trouble is Inevitable

Download Now Share with your friends and family. Many times we become overwhelmed when life happens to us. Its inevitable that it will happen, but if you live your life in misery, well, then that’s optional. Go to www.JamesMillerLifeology.com and you can take the courses I have created through my Lifeology Academy. Your life will be transformed.

L #58 – What’s the point?

Download Now We often engage with people or situations which only cause us to feel frustrated and annoyed. Bear with me as I figure out my lighting for my new background set. 🙂 Subscribe to this channel for daily episode updates. www.JamesMillerLifeology.com

L #18 – Can I trust myself?

Often our reactions and behaviors are different in multiple situations. Creating a life that is full of integrity changes how you treat yourself. www.JamesMillerLifeology.com Download Now

L #148 – Ugly duckling

Growing up many of us were teased by our peers or even told we weren’t good enough. We internalized these comments and actions and unknowingly still act like we are less than. Did you realize your current self-talk (the thoughts you have about yourself) determines if you will reach your highest potential? If you believe what people said about you or even allow those past events to still influence you, Learn more…

L #83 – I’m so bored

We often feel bored, as if there is nothing to do. However, boredom can also be a justification for not completing certain tasks. You have to build in your down-time. Go to www.JamesMillerLifeology.com and you can take the courses I have created through my Lifeology Academy.  Your life will be transformed. Download Now  

L #52 – Celebrated or Tolerated?

Are you celebrated or tolerated in your life? Subscribe to this channel for daily video updates. www.JamesMillerLifeology.com Download Now

L #60 – Expect people to talk about you

When people talk about you let that be an encouragement to you. They only talk about people who are not average. Subscribe to this channel today. www.JamesMillerLifeology.com Download Now

L #77 – I’m right

Did you realize the behavior of “being right” is not always as obvious as it sounds? Do you try and be right all the time? Go to www.JamesMillerLifeology.com and take my first course Spirit, Mind, Body – The Perfect Triad.  Sign up today! www.JamesMillerLifeology.com Download Now  

L #121 – Well-Meaning People

Well-meaning people will give their opinions whether you ask for it or not. Sometimes those opinions can limit us from reaching our highest potential. Remember, the dream in your heart is yours alone. If an opinion makes  you believe can’t achieve your goal, then the opinion is not for you. Well-meaning people can cause you to settle and stop you from reaching your unlimited future. Visit JamesMillerLifeology.com to listen to the latest Lifeology Learn more…

L #12 – What am I Learning?

We are constantly engaged in situations where we can learn and grow, but do we always? Its important to always ask yourself, “What am I learning about myself in this moment?” If you liked the background music “Questions” (appropriately titled for today’s lesson) you may purchase it at JamesMillerLifeology.com/music. Download Now  

L #133 – Focusing on yesterday

Sometimes we beat ourselves up for what we did yesterday. When we focus on yesterday it takes away from what we need to do today. www.JamesMillerLifeology.com Download Now  

L #31 – I’ll be happy when…

The concept of happiness is often in the future. We often struggle with living in the moment.www.JamesMillerLifeology.com Download Now

L #63 – How good are you?

Life is all about giving back to others.  How often do you acknowledge the people around you? Subscribe to this channel for daily episodes. www.JamesMillerLifeology.com Download Now

L #76 – Adult Toddlers

We all have blind spots in our life where our actions are not equal to our age. I challenge you to be aware of your behavior and see where you are throwing a version of an adult tantrum. www.JamesMillerLifeology.com Download Now  

L #136 – Does your past infect you?

Once we go through a difficult time we have an option: do we ruminate on it and let it infect us, or do we let it go and heal on its own? We often don’t realize that we have this choice or that we are stunting our growth when we let something fester within us. Make the conscious choice to leave things in your past and focus on today and Learn more…

L #113 – It’s not you, it’s me

We often focus on other people’s behaviors but don’t take the time to figure out how we contributed to the situation. Focusing on yourself and your behavior gives you insight in ways to be a better you. Visit JamesMillerLifeology.com to listen to the latest Lifeology | Radio Episodes  Download Now

L #48 – The Coming Dawn

The day always resets at 12:01am. Its the same way in our life. We may not see any overt changes happening but we are closer to the dawn than we think. A new day (figuratively) has started for you. You will get through this. Visit www.JamesMillerLifeology.com and sign up for James Miller | Lifeology Academy: Spirit – Mind – Body : The Perfect Triad. It will help you overcome life’s Learn more…

L #13 – I versus You

Many times in conversation we inadvertently cause the other person to feel defensive.  Here’s how to stop that. JamesMillerLifeology.com Download Now

L #37 – Just because I can

We always have a choice whether to engage in a behavior or not. A good filter to use in deciding whether to go through with an action is this… www.JamesMillerLifeology.com Download Now

L #116 – Overcoming the Holiday Blues

The Holiday Blues can be a depressing, lonely time for some. When you can plan out your day and be proactive of how you are going to spend it, even if it’s by yourself, it helps you get out of your head and moves you into action. Visit JamesMillerLifeology.com to listen to the latest Lifeology Radio Episodes as well as enroll in the Lifeology Academy where you can take the Learn more…

L #129 – Gossiping

In every situation we have a chance to gossip about our peers. You have a choice are you like a bucket of water or a flamethrower? Do you douse the gossip or do you inflame it? Always ask yourself if what you are going to say makes you or the situation better or does it make it worse? Regardless if you like the person or not, be the person who let’s Learn more…

L #45 – Perfect Timing

Many times we try to force our dreams or a situation to come to fruition before its time. We often feel anxious and impatient as we wait for things to change. Timing is everything. www.JamesMillerLifeology.com Download Now

L #124 – The right timing

Timing is everything. When it’s other people’s time to advance in life don’t compare yourself. Your skill set is designed for you and no one else. That means the timing for your life promotion will happen at the exact right time. Use your friends’ success to get you excited for your timing. If there’s a right time then there is a wrong time. Visit JamesMillerLifeology.com to listen to the latest Lifeology Radio Episodes as Learn more…

L #123 – How teachable are you?

In every situation we have an opportunity to be teachable. If we try and one-up someone with our own knowledge we are serving our ego and are not teachable. In order to reach your highest potential you must learn to be teachable in every situation.  Visit JamesMillerLifeology.com to listen to the latest Lifeology Radio Episodes as well as enroll in the Lifeology Academy where you can take the self-directed courses to simplify Learn more…

L #109 – You will flourish like a palm tree

You are specifically designed for the storms that come against you. The palm tree grows stronger when it is bent over. You can either be brittle and break or use the storm as an opportunity to grow and flourish. Visit www.JamesMillerLifeology.com to listen to the Lifeology Radio show as well as enroll in the Lifeology Academy where you can take self-directed courses to help you simply and transform your life. Learn more…

L #73 – What’s my end game?

In conflict resolution we can often become distracted by emotions and prolong the result we are wanting to achieve. Subscribe to this channel for daily episodes. Go to www.JamesMillerLifeology.com and take my first course Spirit, Mind, Body – The Perfect Triad. Sign up today! Download Now

L #72 – Yesteryears

We often use previous times in our life to compare where we are today. Usually we feel badly about how we are today and always wish were the person we were before. Subscribe to this channel for daily updates. Download Now