L #19 – Decisions, Decisions

Sometimes we make snap decisions without slowing down. See the two steps for effective decision making. www.JamesMillerLifeology.com Download Now

Lifeology: Episode 150 – Are my words and actions the same?

Many times we tell people certain things, and we truly believe it, but our actions don’t demonstrate what we say. It’s really important for each of us to be mindful of our actions. People are always watching us and will immediately recognize when our words and actions don’t line up. This is one the most important things to be aware of in relationships. When you tell someone you love them, Learn more…

L #27 – But, I need closure

Download Now Most  situations in our life cause us to want to find closure, or resolution. Sometimes we just can’t get it. The first James Miller | Lifeology Academy Ecourse will be available within the next 2 weeks on www.JamesMillerLifeology.com.

L #132 – Are you Pitiful or Powerful?

Download Now In every situation we are in we have an opportunity to use it as a springboard to launch us into the next phase of our development, or we can feel as if we have no options and are victims of circumstances. It is important to grieve a situation but when grief and self-pity becomes a lifestyle or mentality we will struggle to evolve to the person we were Learn more…

L #43 – Worst-Case Scenario

Download Now Anytime we feel anxiety about a situation we probably have some worst-case scenario outcome we are imagining, even if its not obvious to us. Hypothetical worry causes us to not live in our present. Subscribe to receive daily youtube episodes. My first James Miller Lifeology Academy course, “Spirt, Mind, Body – The Perfect Triad,” will be available this Monday for those who would like to learn how to Learn more…

L #74 – I can’t stand that person

Have you ever said, “I can’t stand that person” before? When someone annoys us we usually are the ones to “suffer.” You always have a choice to act how you want to act when someone is around you. Choose happiness in spite of how others annoy you. Download Now     Go to www.JamesMillerLifeology.com and take my first course Spirit, Mind, Body – The Perfect Triad. From 10/4 – 11/4/15 Learn more…

L #115 – Morning Mentality

Download Now How you start your morning is an indication of how your day is going to be. Practicing and, sometimes, forcing yourself to start your day with a sense of gratitude and excitement allows you to be proactive in controlling your reactions to all the twists and turns of the day. Visit JamesMillerLifeology.com to listen to the latest Lifeology Radio Episodes as well as enroll in the Lifeology Academy where Learn more…

L #44 – Filling in the Blanks

Download Now In many situations we react when we don’t have all the facts. We will often fill in the blanks with our own worries and self doubt. Subscribe to this channel to receive free daily episodes. Check out www.JamesMillerLifeology.com, I will be launching James Miller | Lifeology Academy (this week) where you may purchase my first Ecourse.  

L #86 – Know Peace or No Peace?

Download Now In everything we do we must determine if we have a sense of peace. If there is no peace then you need to rethink the behavior. Go to www.JamesMillerLifeology.com and you can take the courses I have created through my Lifeology Academy. Your life will be transformed.

L #118 – Being Overly Sensitive

Download Now Being overly sensitive can often be due to exhaustion. It’s necessary for you to review your upcoming day. If you know, historically, you are going to be tired then build in self-care right after the exhaustive event so you can recharge. If you recognize in the moment you are overreacting, then stop what you are doing and remove yourself from the situation. Visit JamesMillerLifeology.com to listen to the Learn more…

L #15 – Late NIght Snacking

Download Now Have you ever wondered why you are hungry at night and the next thing you know you’ve eaten the whole bag of potato chips?

L #89 – Glass is half full

Download Now Often the analogy of the glass being half empty or full causes us to only focus on our perception instead of realizing that the glass is always full. Listen to find out how this applies to you. Go to JamesMillerLifeology.com and take my two courses in my Academy that will help you be even more successful than you already are.

L #100 – Pushing Buttons

Download Now Pushing buttons is something we al do. However, just because we can do something does not mean we should. How do you stop other’s from pushing your buttons? Go to www.JamesMillerLIfeology.com and subscribe to Lifeology Radio as well as enroll in the Lifeology Academy where you will simply and transform your life.

L #7 – How to Stop Looping Thoughts

Often we are plagued with thoughts we just can’t seem to stop.  Incorporating your 5 senses will help you decrease the energy of those thoughts just enough to focus on something else. Download Now

L #24 – But, I was just trying to help

Download Now We judge others by their behaviors but we judge ourselves on our intentions. Many times our feelings can get hurt when we are simply trying to help someone. www.JamesMillerLifeology.com

L #23 – You are more intelligent than you think

Download Now “Old school” versions of intelligence can often make us feel inferior or less than. There are actually 9 different versions of intelligence. This episode will focus on the comparison of IQ vs EQ and how we often feel lacking in social situations. www.JamesMillerLifeology.com

L #114 – Over drafting your energy account

Download Now The majority of us would not overdraw our bank account, but yet we easily over draft our energy account. We spend our energy on things that don’t matter and wonder why we struggle to complete our daily responsibilities. Visit JamesMillerLifeology.com to listen to the latest Lifeology Podcast as well as enroll in the Lifeology Academy where you can take the self-directed courses to simplify and transform your life.

L #117 – Conforming to Other’s Expectations

Download Now Do you conform to the group norm or are you true to yourself? Visit JamesMillerLifeology.com to listen to the latest Lifeology Radio Episodes as well as enroll in the Lifeology Academy where you can take the self-directed courses to simplify and transform your life. James is now offering consultation to help you refocus your life to achieve your highest potential. JamesMillerLifeology.com.

L #120 – Using adversity to your advantage

Download Now Life is full of adversity. How you handle it determines how successful you will be in rising above your circumstances. In order for anything to grow and develop there has to be some form of adversity. When you can be proactive in recognizing the lesson you are learning in the moment you can use it to your advantage. Visit JamesMillerLifeology.com to listen to the latest Lifeology Radio Episodes Learn more…

Reconnect in the first 2 minutes for success

How you initially interact when you reconnect with someone determines how well it will go. The first two minutes are crucial when you reconnect or start an event. Research states that the ability to reconnect or join with another person in the first two minutes will help you have a more successful, productive time. Take that time to reconnect.   Download Now #success #youtube #lifeology #radio #reconnect #transitions #entrepreneur #business Learn more…

L #70 – Emotional Compartments

Download Now When we become overwhelmed or struggle during our day we must learn to put situations in their correct place. Subscribe to this channel for daily episodes. www.JamesMillerLifeology.com

L #96 – Wasted Mental Space

Download Now We often are not efficient when it comes to using our mental energy. We fantasize on the past or a hypothetical future. You are setting yourself up to be hurt.  Go to JamesMillerLifeology.com to listen to my radio show, or to take the Lifeology Academy courses that will help you simplify and transform your life.

Lifeology Introduction

  Download Now Hi, welcome to James Miller Lifeology where you will learn how to simply and transform your life. In this channel you will understand the subtle shifts in your mind, body and spirit that cause you to react the way we do. We will understand how everything we say and do is linked. Living a life that is balanced does not mean everything is perfect but simply a Learn more…

L #51 – I am…

Download Now Whatever adjective or descriptor you use to fill in the blank is the direction you are moving towards. www.JamesMillerLifeology.com

L #92 – Crisis

Download Now In Chinese the symbol for Crisis is Danger and Opportunity. There is always an opportunity in the crisis. Reframe the situation because there is always a different way to look at the situation. Go to JamesMillerLifeology.com and take the Lifeology Academy Courses there. They will change your life. JamesMillerLIfeology.com

L #57 – What are you depositing?

Download Now What you deposit into your life is what you will withdraw. Is it healthy? Subscribe to this channel for daily episodes. www.JamesMillerLifeology.com

L #58 – What’s the point?

Download Now We often engage with people or situations which only cause us to feel frustrated and annoyed. Bear with me as I figure out my lighting for my new background set. 🙂 Subscribe to this channel for daily episode updates. www.JamesMillerLifeology.com

L #94 – Self-Compassion

Download Now If you cherry pick the things you like about yourself but never embrace areas of weakness then you will never fully be the person you are destined to be. Subscribe to this channel today. Also my radio show was just launched. You can hear the first episode at Lifeology | Radio. Subscribe to this radio show and you will be updated when each episode airs (Sunday mornings at 6am).

L #41 – What’s my motivation?

Download Now Its important to be aware of why we do certain things. We may engage in the same behavior but our reasoning behind it is different. When you are honest with yourself in why you are engaging in a behavior the more proactive your life will be. www.JamesMillerLifeology.com

L #146 – Real men don’t cry

Lifeology: Episode 146 – Real men don’t cry Download Now The concept of real men not showing their emotions is one of the worst myths we could ever believe. Many of us don’t realize the health benefits of expressing emotions. Remember, whatever our belief about a situation determines what we feel. What we feel determines what our body does. If my perception causes certain emotions to be felt, but my body Learn more…