L #146 – Real men don’t cry

The concept of real men not showing their emotions is one of the worst myths we could ever believe. Many of us don’t realize the health benefits of expressing emotions. Remember, whatever our belief about a situation determines what we feel. What we feel determines what our body does. If my perception causes certain emotions to be felt, but my body doesn’t automatically respond in the way it was designed, I’m creating more  emotional and physiological internal conflict.

Their are physiological benefits that remove impurities from our body when we healthy express our emotions – all emotions. The concept of real men not crying actually makes no sense. If one truly wants to be a “man” they want to be stronger and healthier for their family and loved ones. In order to do that the physiological benefits of crying and other emotions must be encouraged. If not, it leads towards the body shutting down and other health and psychological ramifications.

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Addendum: Its Natural Killer (NK) Cells, not Non-Killer cells.

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