Success: The destination or the journey? Guest – Heather Havenwood

Your success comes by the lessons you learn along the way.

Many times we are so focused on achieving success and our goals that we don’t stop and learn the lessons along the way. Being so focused on the destination and not appreciating every difficult low or the slow seasons doesn’t allow for you to be balanced. Today, focus on what you are learning about yourself and appreciate the lessons you are learning along the way; this will lead you towards your destiny and allow you to truly be in control of your success.

Business expert and Radio Host, Heather Ann Havenwood, shares her story of losing her successful career after she was the top salesperson at her company. She never gave up and through tenacity and her powerful entrepreneurial spirit, she became a huge success. She learned it’s about the journey not the destination. Tune in to her phenomenal radio show, “The Win,” You too will be inspired to achieve all your dreams

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