Recognizing dignity in others: Guest – Colleen Adams

We all deserve to be treated with dignity.

All human beings are entitled to the same amount of dignity and self-respect as their peers. Many of us, unconsciously, feel we are less than because of our economic status, education, or even our race. This is untrue. When you realize you are entitled to this universal dignity, it helps you reevaluate your self-worth. Your value is as high as you believe it to be.

Colleen Adams believes everyone deserves to feel value in their lives. She created Empowered Youth USA, a non-profit organization which gives adolescents charged with a crime an opportunity to rehabilitate themselves in a supportive, vocationally driven environment. This amazing program has changed the lives of so many young men. It not only gives them the life skills they need, but also builds their self-esteem and teaches them their value. You may purchase Colleen’s book, Hope in the Hood at or at For more information about Colleen and her Non-Profit, Empowered Youth USA please visit;

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Colleen Adams – Hope in the Hood: A U-Turn Out of Inner City Poverty and Crime with Empowered Youth USA (Lemons to Lemonade) (Volume 3)

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