Being a resilience ninja: Guest – Allison Graham, Episode 2/2

Are you prepared for the perfect storm? You will learn practical tools and techniques to help you prepare for life happening. Did you realize that you can reset how you feel right now so later today you won’t feel the same way? The more you practice the tools and technqiues you hear in this episode the more quickly you will recognize your own resilience.

Resilience Nina, Allison Graham returns for the second part of this two part series, where she reviews her book, Married My Mom Birthed A Dog; How to be resilient when life sucks. This book will give you practical tools and techniques to help you overcome any struggle you may face.  You may purchase Allison’s book on or at

For more information about Allison please visit; You may also hear the second episode in this two part series on or here.

Allison Graham – Married My mom birthed a dog

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