Reconciling with a parent: Guest – Steven Koss

Sometimes between child and parent a rift is created. Often the rift feels like it is unrepairable, but other times there may be a desire to fix it. It’s important to create realistic expectations for how that reconciliation may play out. You are in control of what is healthy for you and you get to determine how you respond during this time. If you’ve lost your parent and wished you had closure, there is a therapeutic way you can get it.

Author, Steven Koss reviews his book: On Standby, South of heaven, Coping with cancer, my struggle, my journey, my growth. on my show today. This powerful book discusses Steven caretaking to his terminally ill, estranged father during the last years of his life. Steven shares the emotional turmoil and, later, the reconciliation he had with his father before he died. You may purchase Steven’s book on or here.

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