What is Lifeology?

What is Lifeology?

Lifeology is the study of human life in all forms.  We are all self-made individuals and the choices we make, based on the circumstances presented to us, have led us to where we are today. We all measure success in different ways, learning from each other helps us see what works and what doesn’t work to create a healthy, successful life.

On this website you will find the following types of Lifeology Formats:

Radio Show: 

James Miller | Lifeology is a 30 minute weekly inspirational radio show dedicated to teaching practical life lessons. The concept of Lifeology (study of life) asserts that there is always a lesson to learn in life. We are all linked by our ability to express and feel emotions but the scenario in which it is experienced will be different for each person.

What sets Lifeology apart from other radio shows is James is licensed psychotherapist with years of experience. In each episode he teaches valuable tools and techniques that the listener can apply to their life. Each episode also features a guest who has had relevant life experiences in which it changed them or taught them a valuable lesson.

Tune in each week to learn how to simplify and transform your spirit, mind, and body.

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The format for Lifeology started with YouTube and has continued to offer life changing lessons for its subscribers. When you subscribe to this channel, or even visit this particular page, you will be able to access all of the YouTube episodes, at this time, for free. Many people don’t want to, or often don’t have the time, to see a therapist. Think of these episodes as your own concierge-type of therapy. Each episode is about 2-4 minutes and focuses on one particular lesson that can be implemented. James will help you reframe the situation and will give you practical ways in which these lessons can help simply and transform your spirit, mind, and body. Subscribe today!

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Published Magazine Articles:

I write a biweekly column in the Health and Fitness section for the Florida Agenda. Each six hundred word article explores ways to reframe and rethink your life and the world in which you live. Each article focuses on one specific Lifeology lesson that will help its reader understand any situation they are in and find a way to overcome any adversity they may encountered.

Click here to read the Lifeology Articles.

Lifeology Academy:

James Miller | Lifeology Academy (JM | LA) was created for viewers to increase their understanding of not only their life, but the lives of their loved ones. The Academy offers self-directed classes in which the student may enroll. Each class gives rich content with videos, questions and worksheets. Enroll today to simplify and transform your life!

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