Step into the unknown: Guest – Tim S Marshall, Episode 1/3

We all have desires of who we would like to become, but unfortunately, for some, it never comes true. Many people don’t realize that their worst-case scenario fear permeates their thoughts and causes them to never fully break out of life’s mediocrity. Worst-case scenario fears rarely, if ever, happen. Take your first step today in reaching your goals.

Business expert, and author, Tim S Marshall, shares his story of overcoming social phobia and low self-esteem and how he was able to become the top salesman, for twelve years, with a globally recognized company. He then started his own business, which was listed as the Fastest Growing company from Inc. Magazine. Tim shares how he stepped out into his unknown and eradicated his fears. For more information about Tim, please visit:

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Tim S Marshall – The power of breaking fear

Tim S Marshall – The Power of Breaking Fear: Entrepreneurship – Cracking the Code

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