Be true to self: Guest – Dr. Rosie Kuhn

Making the hard decision to be true to self.

Many well-meaning people have wonderful expectations for us. However, as we grow, those expectations do not match what we feel is healthy for us. Making a decision to be true to self versus what the world perceives to be “the right thing,” will cause extreme conflict with your support system. It is important that you spend time getting to know yourself, to know the reasons why you act, feel, and do the things you do. When you can find stillness within it allows you to make those difficult decisions of being true to self.

Psychologist, Rosie Kuhn shares her personal story of being true to self. She made the difficult decision to divorce and relinquish her custodial custody of her children. She explains the difficulty in making this healthy decision and how many people in her support system did not understand. For more information regarding Dr. Kuhn, please visit:

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