Are you struggling to make long-lasting changes in your life, or uncertain how to start?

Kathy Tuccaro – Dream Big! Overcoming a Lifetime of Trauma & Abuse That Led to Dreams of Success

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Dream Big - Kathy TuccaroDREAM BIG! is a story of change through faith, courage, hope, and an unrelenting determination to push forward and attain your goals. Follow Kathy on her journey through the winds of change as she overcomes years of sexual abuse, violence, and trauma, as she deals with overcoming fear, loneliness, depression, and co-dependence. Kathy’s desire for a better life overruled any fear and insecurity she may have had along the way, thus bringing her to the positive place she is today.

This book holds a powerful message and if you are ready to make the necessary changes in your life, you too can unleash your highest potential and achieve the success you never thought possible. When you dream…DREAM BIG!

KATHY TUCCARO’S story of how dreaming big can change your life now inspires people to make their own changes to get on the path to positivity and success. She is passionate about personal growth and believes that anyone can change their circumstances and overcome their obstacles if they put their mind to it. Kathy focuses on encouraging and inspiring others that change is possible if only they would believe in themselves! She is a woman of great passion, vision and purpose and it this combination that has led her from the Dark Night of Soul into the Light of Success!

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