Change your self-talk: Guest – Rocky Detwiler

Your self-talk determines your success.

We all have thoughts that can plague us with fear and doubt. What you believe to be true determines what you think. What you think, determines what you feel. Consequently, what you feel tells your body what to do – which creates your habits. When you analyze the looping thoughts that continually bombard your mind you will realize that your self-talk may not be as encouraging and supportive as you thought. This episode gives you practical tools to interrupt those thoughts and change them to something encouraging and supportive.

Motivational speaker and life coach, Rocky Detwiler, shares his powerful story. He was a successful businessman who lost lost it all in a ponzi scheme. Rockey went from being a millionaire to squatting in a home and later living in a treehouse. He interrupted his self-defeating thoughts and found a life of restoration and joy. He now spreads his message of hope with others. For more information about Rocky, visit: Samson.Life #Samson_Life

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