Building self-esteem: Guest – Aimee C Teesdale

You determine how high your self-esteem will be.

When we grow up our family and environment determine our worth and self-esteem. Circumstances will continue to dictate how you see yourself, but remember, an event is something you experienced, it is not who you are. Your thoughts determine how high your self-esteem will be. When you are conscious of what you believe about yourself you realize that many self-beliefs are not true, but falsehoods you have believed for years. Change your self-esteem today.

LIfe Coach, Aimee C Teesdale shares her personal story of having low self-esteem as a girl and how that impacted her life. She shares how she experienced a life transformation which caused her to evaluate what she believed about herself and how it drastically improved her self-esteem. Consequently, Aimee became a life coach to help others improve their self-esteem as well as live a life on their own terms. To learn more about Aimee, please visit;

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