Recognizing your potential: Guest – Dr. Christopher Friesen

We all recognize potential in the people around us, but did you realize that people see the same potential in you? When you compare yourself to other people you will always fall short. It’s vital you only compare yourself to your personality and talents. When you use this self-reflective insight it helps you determine how well you are maximizing all the attributes and potential you possess.

Dr. Friesen Headshot 1 FINALPsychologist and author, Dr. Chris Friesen shares his personal story of recognizing his own potential at an early age and how he was proactive in making a change. He gives insight into ways he helps his clients and readers maximize their potential.  You may purchase Dr. Friesen’s book – ACHIEVE: Find out who you are, what you really want, and how to make it happen (The High Achievement Handbook Book 1)

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