Overcoming childhood stigmas: Guest – Anjana Karumathil

When we are children our self-esteem and belief system are created based off of what people say and how they treat us. As adults those same belief systems are replayed in our head and often stop us from fulfilling the dreams that are in our heart. You are so much greater than what you think. When you listen to your dreams of success instead of your insecurities based off of what you were told as a child, you will reach your fullest potential.

Businesswoman, Anjana Karumathil shares her life story of being disowned by her father and raised by an incredible mother in India. The childhood stigmas that were placed on her for having her father disown her because she was a girl, did not deter Anjana from making her mark in the world. She overcame her childhood stigmas and is helping many underprivileged children. Linkedin.com/in/AnjanaKarumathil.

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