The importance of reinventing yourself: Guest – W.B. Ward

We naturally reinvent ourselves as we make life transitions. This can be seen in our interests in school, dating, marriage, employment and life milestones. What happens when you are blindsided by something and you get stuck in what “was” as opposed to what “is?” When we reflect on how we naturally reinvented ourselves, it gives us the confidence and the tools to switch our mindset into the new version of ourself. Regardless what your unexpected life change is, you can reinvent yourself to accommodate your new circumstances. The choice is yours.

Author and Entertainer, W.B. Ward shares his own story of reinventing himself after two strokes and told he needed to “get his things in order” as he didn’t have much longer to live. He lived, and successfully figured out a way to reinvent himself  and live a fulfilled life.

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