Be the change agent: Guest – Ron Carucci

Do you know how to be an effective change agent?

Did you know that you are going to grow and develop whether you want to or not? Life is always changing. You can either be proactive and become who you want to be or let circumstances change you. Learn how to be an effective change agent in your life, relationships, and career. The choice is yours.

Business expert and strategist, Ron Carucci shares the pitfalls that many individuals, who are rising through the corporate ranks, will face. His book: RIsing to Power: The Journey of Exceptional Executives shares his 10 year longitudinal study which explains the staggering evidence of why over 50% of executives fail as they are promoted in their organization. In this interview he gives you tools and techniques to help you be an effective and successful change agent as you are promoted in your organization.

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Ron Carucci – Rising to Power

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