Daily opportunities: Guest – Richard Hack

Opportunities are all around you – you just have to open your eyes.

We often look at famous people and think we could never have opportunities like them. When we become easily distracted by things that don’t matter in life we miss out on the daily opportunities that are all around us. When you start your day expecting to have new opportunities you will see they are all around you.

Award-winning author, Richard Hack shares his personal story of continuously looking for opportunities throughout his career. He encourages you to always look for something new in your day. When you turn away from potential events, or encounters in your day, you may lose out on the chance you’ve been waiting for.

You may also purchase Richard’s latest book, Baby Boomers’ Guide to the Fountain of Youth on amazon.com or at JamesMillerLifeology.com.

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Richard Hack – Baby Boomers’ Guide to the Fountain of Youth

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