Never too old to change: Guest – Allan Misner

Your age doesn’t stop you from developing, you do.

As we grow up we often become stuck in our ways. We become too regimented and often forget that life is about personal development. When we examine our life, we often realize that we are not developing the way we did when we were younger. We forget that we can change and reinvent ourself to reach our highest potential. You are never too old to change.

Personal Trainer and Podcast Host, Allan Misner shares his personal story of reaching the pinnacle in his career, but realizing his life was unbalanced. He changed his life, over the age of forty, and now has a successful online personal training company, as well as an amazing podcast: 40+FItness, which inspires people over the age of forty to reach their health and fitness goals as well as remind them they are never too old to change. For more information about Allan please visit: Forever.Fitness

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