Never binge again – Guest – Dr. Glenn Livingston

The majority of us would defend someone whom we see was being attacked or abused. Unfortunately, we don’t protect ourselves from our own abusive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. When you can separate between the “voice” of your true self versus the voice of a negative thought or emotion it helps you set healthy internal boundaries to focus on what is true instead of a negative influence. You are not who you think you are unless you believe that “voice.”

Psychologist, Dr. Glenn Livingston shares his own story of overcoming obesity. He self-funded a 40,000 plus person research experiment to determine what the overall linkage is between obesity, behaviors, food and emotions. What he discovered about the root of why you binge, it will cause you to rethink what you know about obesity. His latest book, Never Binge Again gives you practical tools and strategies to effectively overcome your struggles with obesity and to help you never binge again.

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Glenn Livingston – Never Binge Again

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