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James Miller is the executive producer and host of the iHeart Radio show: James Miller | Lifeology. James is a licensed psychotherapist and piano composer who has been in the mental health field for over 20 years. After 11 years in private practice, James left his successful practice in the Washington, DC area to follow his own dreams. He created James Miller Lifeology where he globally helps people simplify and transform their spirit, mind, and body.

What are your views on multitasking? (2:45)

“What multitasking really is the 100% execution of allowing your brain to separate and execute multiple tasks simultaneously. To take it a step further, I don’t go in the traditional sense of task organization but more in the sense of roles that we play. It’s so important for each of us to think about what is my role this very second. When I stay focus on what I am supposed to do this very second, what role I am supposed to be playing the specific moment, it allows me to be the most successful I can be in the moment.”

What’s your perspective on the topic of perspective? (5:00)

“There are so many ways to look at a situation. I always like to use the analogy of a Rubik’s Cube, when you think of a Rubik’s Cube there are six different sides to it. So just like any situation when we only focus on one side of the cube it’s all we are going to see. SO, when you use the analogy of the cube you just spin the cube to a different direction to see what it is. But it helps to say, If I am struggling right now, is there another way to do this? And that’s where it helps to put yourself in another person’s shoes.”

Let’s talk about self-sabotage  (9:55)

“It really only takes 3 seconds for us to self-sabotage. I think this is a good example, many people want to start a new exercise regime, very motivated to say, at 5 AM I am going to get up, go to the gym and do the rest of my day. Very, very noble. If you don’t literally get out of bed within 3 seconds, you are going to roll over and go back to sleep. So, I always tell people that it literally takes 3 seconds to implement change in your life. It is very important for us to be very aware that it takes 3 seconds to even fall back into a bad routine.”

Share with me your most successful of favorite networking story (14:49)

“I went out had a really wonderful night, met a bunch of people, really influential people. This one person invited me to a party and then I met this other person and went to this other person’s brunch. So, I am sitting there doing networking, and I am sitting down and talking to this person who wrote the book that was used for the movie, The Navigator for Leonardo DiCaprio and his book is being used for screenplay in an upcoming Agatha Christie movie, with Helen Mirren and he said, James I really like you, I want you to write for my magazine…

What I really want to teach people is that networking happens at the most random times, but the reality is you’re always networking. The concept of networking is this, how do you present yourself in a way that is always congruent with your mission statement and your value.”

What do you do to stay in front of and best nurture your network? (18:50)

“I respond to all of my networking people, some people like texts, some like emails. It is important to be in front of people when you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind. So just a simple text that says Hey, I know you’re having this event, I am thinking of you I hope you have a good night! The more organized you can be about it the more successful you can be. They are always going to remember the small tidbits that you do because they will feel good about themselves.”

What advice would you offer the business professional looking to grow their network? (21:11)

“We forget that we have so many peers around us. Ask your friends, hey I am looking to meet some people who are in “this” field. You’d be surprised at how many people know someone you can talk to.”

Digital Networking or Traditional Networking?(24:00)

“Because my show is very expansive, I do more of the digital. If I can do as much face to face as possible, through Zoom through Skype, that is much more beneficial to do. It is important how to have a phone call or learn how to have a face to face with them through a digital medium. It’s always good to have a voice to voice connection.”

If you could go back to your 20-year-old self, what would you tell yourself to do more of, less of, or differently with regard to your professional career? (32:25)

“Slow down. I did so many things, but my personal development didn’t really show up till later. I was overbalanced too much education, really great work experience. But many parts of my life I was not balanced. I missed out on the other developmental things that my peer groups were doing.

Who would be the one person you’d love to connect with and do you think you could do it in the 6 degree? (34:30)

“Obviously, Oprah. Someone like her, someone who has their fingers in pretty much everything and is so prominent in the world with such a powerful positive voice. Or at least someone who is that same genre as a contemporary of her.”

What book are you reading right now? (38:28)

“It’s a science-fiction book, right now, similar to The Hobbit. It was not the profound answer you were looking for, I know.”

Any final words or advice for our listeners for growing and supporting their network? (40:00)

“I think the biggest thing is when you think too far ahead, you’re maybe thinking too expansively. Sometimes it’s just about asking a friend, “Hey do you know somebody? If you’re feeling overwhelmed think of what you can do so that you are not overwhelmed. Life is about happiness and success so when we slow everything down, our life can be enjoyable.”

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