Your perfect lifestyle: Guests – Eric Hicks and Liz LaRocque

Your quality of life determines your lifestyle.

When you review your life there you will notice there are things that you wish you could change. Why can’t you? When you look at the quality of your life instead of the quantity of your possessions you may realize it’s unbalanced. When you redefine what your priorities are you will live a fulfilled life.

Life Coaches, Eric Hicks and Liz LaRocque share their story of how they were both working in their careers but did not feel satisfied. They discussed ways to create their freedom lifestyle and live life on their own terms. They wrote, Midlife Dreamers in the Wind: Strategies for Manifesting a Freedom Lifestyle with More Adventure, Purpose, and Passion, to help others realize that they too can create the lifestyle of their dreams. You may purchase their book on or at For more information about Liz and Eric, visit:

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Eric Hicks and Liz LaRocque – Midlife Dreamers in the Wind: Strategies for Manifesting a Freedom Lifestyle with More Adventure, Purpose, and Passion

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