Life lessons: Guest – Chris Kidawski

When you pay attention to your life lessons you will live a fulfilled life.

As children we learn that we must pay attention in school or we won’t learn the lesson and won’t do well in that subject. However, once we are out of school we forget that we are always learning. In every situation you are in, regardless of how you feel about it, there are powerful life lessons to learn. When you stop and ask yourself, “What am I learning about myself right now?” it immediately puts you in the mindset to determine your healthiest choice.

Strength coach and author, Chris Kidawski reviews his phenomenal book, The Everspace: Utilizing the Power of God and Neuroscience to Create Stillness Within. He shares his life lessons and relays his desire to help others make healthy choices to find their inner stillness. You may purchase The Everspace: Utilizing the Power of God and Neuroscience to Create Stillness Within below, at or here.  For more information about Chris, please visit:

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