Lead your life: Guest – Liana Chaouli

Lead, don’t react.

Life is a series of events. Often we don’t realize that what we experienced an hour ago is still affecting us. When you practice self-check-ins it helps you recognize if you are holding on to something that is currently irrelevant. If you continually practice this, you will be able to immediately let go of negative emotions instead of carrying them into the next moment. Lead your thoughts and emotions, don’t let them lead you. Thought Leader and Transformational Coach, Liana Chaouli shares her wisdom in helping you lead your life. She helps you recognize ways in which you are reactive as opposed to focusing on what is truly important. She shares her “Triple A plan” which gives you specific steps in ways to catch yourself from falling into a reactive state. Lead your most authentic and successful life. You may purchase Liana’s book: YOU Are a Masterpiece: How to Dress a More Powerful & Authentic You on amazon.com or at JamesMillerLifeoilogy.com. For more information about Liana please visit: BeTheOffer.com or contact Liana directly at Liana@ImageTherapists.com #Imagetherapy #LianaChaouli #selfesteem #selfbelief #consciousness #fashion #style #body #image #iheartradio #jamesmillerlifeology #interview #designer #transformation #thoughtleader #awareness #acceptance #action #mindfulness #introspection https://jamesmillerlifeology.com/store/liana-chaouli-masterpiece/ Be sure you don’t miss anything happening at James Miller | Lifeology. Sign up for the free newsletter as well as subscribe to this radio show. Enroll in the Lifeology | Academy and take courses specifically designed for successful people just like you. You may also consult with James to simplify and transform your life. JamesMillerLifeology.com To become a guest or a show sponsor please visit JamesMillerLifeology.com, Today’s episode is sponsored by Audible.com. Get your FREE audiobook download as well a 30-day free trial at Audibletrial.com/JamesMillerLifeology. Sign up today.