Forgiveness during grief: Guest – Rahn Anthoni

Showing forgiveness during your grief allows you to fully heal.

Unfortunately, we all will experience some form of grief in our life. The event will not make sense because we never would have done what was done to us. One of the most powerful forms of closure is forgiveness. Forgiveness does not condone the person for what they have done, but it does release you from the burden of being consumed with the traumatic memory. There is a time for grief, but when it becomes a lifestyle you  are then carrying something that you were never meant to carry.

Recording artist, Rahn Anthoni shares his heart wrenching story of heartache and grief as he and his wife lost their special needs son, Aaron, through alleged physical abuse with a teacher.  Rahn shares how his faith has sustained him through this event and continually gives him peace.

Rahn has helped create an organization, They Can’t Talk, But We Can Inc. which is a nonprofit corporation providing advocate services for child or youth with physical, emotional, behavioral, and  learning disabilities. This organization helps promote safety within the classroom to protect the students from being abused and the teacher from being accused. To help support this organization please visit:

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