Climbing your Mount Everest: Guest – Jamie Clarke

We all will climb our version of Mount Everest, where we feel like we can’t overcome a difficult obstacle or that there is no way out. When you stop and reflect on your life you will notice that what you are feeling now, you’ve experienced before. The scenario may be different but the emotions are the same. What healthy thing did you do back then to move beyond what you were feeling? You can do it again.

It’s important to continually check in with yourself to recognize what life lessons you are learning. When you take an anticipatory stance in your life you will move exponentially quicker to achieving your goals. You are closer to overcoming this obstacle than you think.

Adventurer, Jamie Clarke shares his inspiring story of climbing Mount Everest four times and all the amazing adventures he has had. He shares how he uses those adventures to help him focus on what really matters in his life. Those moments of pushing himself farther than he thought he was capable has allowed him to be the successful person he is today. Use your own adventures to mold you into the person you want to become.

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