Self-made choices: Guest – Elizabeth O’Keefe

The choices you make in this moment are the stepping stones for your future.

Did you realize that the successful people we ready about are no different than you and me? They made choices out of choices. Meaning, in every situation they had to decide what to do next. It’s the same with you and me. Every event is either a stepping stone or a stumbling block. When you are mindful of what you do today it creates a healthy foundation for tomorrow.

Author, Elizabeth O’Keefe found herself in a dark place, with no way out, She made a decision to end her life. She had an epiphany and realized she was self-made, that her life was a culmination of the choices she had made. She decided to do so something about it. Today she is a successful author sharing her life lessons of inspiration and hope. For more information about Elizabeth, visit:

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