Children’s stories: Guest – Jim Dilyard

Children’s stories are powerful ways to teach life lessons.

There are many wonderful ways to teach valuable lessons to children. One of the most effective ways is to use storytelling. Moral stories and fables have been used for centuries to teach individuals how to interact with the world around them. It also helps the listener relate to the characters as they realize they are struggling with similar situations. They can then use these mini lessons to succeed in life. Children’s stories are one of the most valuable ways to help them grow and develop

children's storiesAuthor, Jim Dilyard shares his thoughts behind his wonderful children’s series, Ian and the great Silver Dragon. These books are crammed full of valuable life lessons that help its reader navigate the world around them. It also helps them understand how powerful their thoughts are, which, in turn, give them the tools to live healthy, successful lives. For more information about Jim, please visit: or here. Jim’s children’s stories may be purchased on, below, or here.

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Jim Dilyard – Ian and the Great Silver Dragon Bry-Ankh

Jim Dilyard – Ian and the Great Silver Dragon: A Friendship Begins

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