Celebrate or tolerate? Guest – Ken Foster

Ken Foster asks if you celebrate or tolerate your life.


Often we forget that we have a choice. We think we have to spend time with certain people or try and get people to like us. You may be frustrated in your career or in relationships but the idea of change doesn’t cross your mind. Review all areas in your life. Are you fulfilled? Do you celebrate or tolerate people or situations in your life? Go where you are celebrated, not where you are tolerated.

Life coach, Ken Foster shares his story of figuring out areas in his life that he was celebrating and others were he was tolerating. He made a choice to focus only on the areas he celebrated and it launched him into his purpose. He also shares how he started the nonprofit group, Stars of Courage, where they coach impoverished individuals to make 3 times the poverty level and then give back to their own community. Find out how you can support or be a part of Stars of Courage here, or visit: StarsofCourage.org. For more information on Ken and his radio show visit: KenFoster.com or TransitionRadioShow.com.

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