When it doesn’t make sense

When it doesn't make sense

Each life event, from the most influential to the mundane, will affect you. Often you may plan events that are monumental in nature and revel in the excitement and joy that comes with these events. However, what happens when situations transpire that do not make sense?

Your life is like a jigsaw puzzle. When you look at the puzzle box you see what the end result will look like. There will be pieces you immediately know where they will be placed based on the shape, size, and color. Conversely, there are pieces that are confusing and are often put aside because you have no idea where it is supposed to go in the puzzle. This is analogous to real life. There will be life situations that easily make sense: birth of a child, marriage, new home, and many other wonderful situations. However, what about those events that blindside you – that make no sense as to why or how they even happened? How do they fit in with your life?

When you isolate an incident and focus on all that has happened, you are right, it will not make sense. But it is important to remind yourself that, just like that jigsaw puzzle, the event is part of the bigger picture. Sure, it does not mean that calamity and misfortune will always beset you, but it does mean that the overall perspective is that all situations are interconnected. If you focus on a coin and bring it to your eye, that is all you will see. Just like in this situation, if you solely focus on the event itself, it will not make sense to you and you may become stuck and not transition to the next level in your life.

Sometimes you have to create a file in your mind that is simply named, “I don’t understand it,” and leave the event there. Overly focusing on the event itself arrests your ability to be proactive and you drown in fear and paralysis. Reminding yourself that you don’t have to figure out the “why” of the event helps you focus on a plan of action.

Many situations in your life will be painful, but when you stop and reflect on the person you are today I’m sure you are proud of the person you have become. Of course, you would not want to relive those events, but they were all linked together – just like the jigsaw puzzle to create a beautiful picture, your life. Those times were used to shape your personality and teach you valuable life lessons.

When you are proactive in your life and strive to be the best you can be in all events, from the joyous to the most painful, you will have confidence knowing that you will overcome any situation. Life if fluid. Events happen all the time and there is no reason to be stuck on one event because it will change.

Remember, in the jigsaw puzzle of life, some of the pieces have vibrant colors while others are dark and drab. You cannot always be on the mountaintop, but must traverse the valleys to ascend to the next level of personal development. Being blindsided is a part of this transition. It is not placed in your life to destroy you, but in your life to promote you.

James Miller is a licensed psychotherapist and a piano composer who is known for his weekly iTunes podcast, YouTube channel, and his Academy where he teaches successful people to simplify and transform their lives. James’ latest album, Restoration is available for purchase on all digital music stores. For more information visit: www.JamesMillerLifeology.com.