Accessibility for the disabled: Guest – Rene Steelman

Help others experience full accessibility to the world around you.

We are often so busy that we do not realize we are hindering a disabled person from thriving. Parking in a handicap space, using a handicap stall does not give accessibility to those who are not as mobile as us. Be aware of what you are doing and give full accessibility to those around you.

Rene Steelman is a tireless advocate helping families in need and assisting acquisition for them of wheelchair accessible vans through her nonprofit Steelman Family Foundation. She and her husband have six children. The sixth was born with severe disabilities, wheelchair bound, tube fed, and cannot speak. He is now 31 years old. Rene has taken the experience of raising a disabled child and added creativity, positivity, and mentors other young parents who find insurmountable anxiety, fears, and financial burdens with disabled children. She gives them the freedom and accessibility to fully thrive. For more information about this incredible foundation, and how you may help please visit,

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