Accept diversity: Guest – Jason Dowd

When you accept diversity in others you grow and develop.

We are all different in some way. We often use global labeling, a form of stereotyping, and think that one person who has “wronged” us is the representative of that particular group. This can happen via religion, sexuality, gender, race, age, nationality, and in many other ways. In thinking that someone who is different than you is wrong or is “less than” you, you are not only doing them a disservice, but also a disservice to you. When you only spend time with people who are exactly like you, you will not grow and develop into a cultured, fully alive individual. Life is about accepting and respecting the differences in others. You don’t have to understand why they are different, but realize that they deserve just as much respect as you.

Award winning photographer, Jason Dowd shares how he became a photographer. He discusses how he uses his photographic collections to depict each country’s culture, its citizens and to capture many other beautiful aspects. His desire is to stop racism and helps others see that each individual is special and beautiful in their own way. To see Jason’s collections visit:

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